The History of the Flame

The History of the Flame




Throughout history it has been said that, as long as the flame is still lit that life will forever remain in the world. The importance of the flame is noted throughout different cultures around the world.






The flame has obvious importance to us as we wouldn’t have a business without it. We like to think of the flame as a moment to be cherished. Whether you’re lighting one of our candles as you wind down for the evening, or before entertaining friends around the dinner table, the flame brings people together and creates an ambiance. 








Many cultures hold a perpetual flame. In Celtic lore, the Goddess Brighid was an Irish goddess of fire, flame and light. She was the keeper of the hearth fire and of the fire in the forge. A candle was lit and from it all other candles were lit. The flame endured and the fire was never allowed to grow cold. Within the Druid culture, flames were often used to see the future. They would be lit and the shape of the flame and smoke would predict what was to come. 



We love the history that comes with something as simple as the lighting of a candle.  Our stores are based in the heart of the Scottish Borders, which at times amongst the hills, can be isolated and vast. You can only imagine the necessity that fire and candles have played through the generations that have come before us.  In contrast our current society they are seen as a luxury, bringing warming scents to our homes making us feel cozy and guests feeling welcomed.


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